MammutBox at a glance

Simple control of your devices

  • Control all of your home in a simple way
    • Most TVs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, etc. (with IR)
    • Computers for music and video (e.g., Spotify, VLC)
    • 10+ different light control systems (with IP or RF)
    • Many more systems; e.g., Sonos, jacuzzis, motorized blinds, specific media applications
  • Leverage simple and amazingly cost effective equipment
    • Add control of an outlet for EUR 5 instead of hundreds of EUR for other systems
    • AppleTV instead of expensive proprietary solutions, Sonos instead of BeoLink, etc.
  • Use Bang & Olufsen’s world class user interface
    • No need to have a B&O system, but if you have one you can use existing controls
    • An iOS app (iPhone/iPad/iPod)
    • Bang & Olufsen remotes (including telephones, BeoTime, etc.)
    • Your current remotes or apps when most convenient (i.e., MammutBox is non-intrusive)

Use the BeoLink app on your phone

Effortless control

  • Works on both iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (requires iOS 4.0 or later)
  • Built on Apple Bonjour™ - your phone finds your MammutBox automatically
  • Free download from App store; you can try out the demo today BeoLink - Bang & Olufsen a/s

Use any B&O remote

Optional if you also want to control your home form a B&O remote

  • All current Bang & Olufsen remotes Beo4, Beo5, Beo6
  • Beolink 1000, Beolink 5000 and Beolink 7000 (and some legacy remotes such as AV Terminal)
  • Some other Bang & Olufsen (and compatible) devices such as A9 Keyring, BeoTime etc.

Easy configuration

Configuration of MammutBox is surprisingly simple

  • Your MammutBox is automatically found and connected to your web account
  • Many of your devices and applications can be automatically detected and configured
  • Customization is straight-forward as the web service suggests which commands you can send

No Masterlink Gateway required

Less configuration, less cables, less cost

  • MammutBox controls your 3rd party equipment without the need of a MLGW (which is normally required to use the app and to control 3rd party equipment)
  • No complex configuration or installation technician required
  • If you already got a MLGW setup, MammutBox will integrate seamlessly with your setup and does not interfere with existing installations

Control your Mac

Integrates with your applications out of the box

  • Starts and controls a number of media applications out of the box; iTunes, Spotify, Plex, VLC etc.
  • Extensible by AppleScript - configure pretty much any application
  • Easy to control multiple computers, for example if you have music on one computer but want to access movies on another

Control Sonos

Beolink like you know it, but with Sonos

  • Use your Sonos system, but control it with a B&O remote or the Beolink app
  • Multiple zone support
  • Can be used together with your existing Sonos controllers (remotes or computers)

Control your lights


  • Plug in an RF stick to control more than 15 different brands
  • Enables you to easily install additional light controls for as little as €5 per lamp - and without any wires
  • We also have the possibility to integrate with Gira in custom installations, as the only company on the market as far as we know

Control everything else

And still control it from one place

  • Support for thousands of devices, which means MammutBox will likely work out of the box with your TV, projector, DTV box, receiver etc.
  • Easy-to-configure network commands can integrate with many network-based devices and customized systems
  • Whatever you integrate with, you can always control the way you are currently interacting with you devices


Whatever the future brings

  • Easy to extend to most new network controlled equipment
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • No lock-in; continue to use you existing controls in parallel if you prefer