Q: What does MammutBox do?

A: It acts as a translator between B&O's remote (including the Beolink app) and your equipment at home. It translates the signals from your remote(s) to commands that your computer, your light system, your Sonos system or e.g., your TV can understand.

Q: Where do I plug in MammutBox?

A: Just plug it into a wall socket and connect an Ethernet cable. If you only want MammutBox to control radio-based light systems (such as Nexa, Jula etc.) and/or your TV/BluRay etc. with IR you don't even need the Ethernet cable connected, just power will do.

Q: What computers can MammutBox talk to?

A: MammutBox comes with software to control your Mac out of the box, for example to control iTunes, Spotify, VLC and Plex. To use it on Windows or Linux you can configure your computer with the help of e.g. EventGhost

Q: Do I need a Mac to use MammutBox?

A: No, you don't even need a computer to use the system. However, for the initial configuration, you will need a computer with a web browser to set up the system.

Q: Do I need a lot of Bang & Olufsen equipment to use MammutBox?

A: Actually not. You can use the Beolink app (available for free from the App store) to control your non-B&O equipment. If you want to use a remote you will need a B&O remotes.

Q: How do I control multiple Sonos zones from one remote?

A: You can assign different keys to different zones (e.g., RADIO to your main room, CD to a master bedroom and N.RADIO to your guest room etc.). Alternatively you can use specific buttons to map to what you want to do. For example, you can map the blue button on your Beo4 to mute the music in your bedroom and turn off the lights. Finally, regardless of how you set up how you want your physical remote to work, you can always access all your zones from the Beolink app and control zones individually there.

Q: What 3rd party equipment can I control?

A: We are happy to advise on compatibility of your particular devices/setup if you drop us an email to info@mammutbox.com

Q: What lights can I control?

A: Most RF-controlled units that operate on 433.92Mhz. That includes Anslut, Bye Bye Standby, Elro, GAO, HomeEasy (UK), IKEA, Kjell & Company, KlikAanKlikUit, Nexa, Rusta, Sartano, Waveman, X10 and many other compatible devices. We also support some other types of RF-controlled units, such as projector screens and blinds from e.g., KingPin.