You're in charge

Control your Samsung TV, your Nexa lights, Plex, multiple Sonos zones, a jacuzzi, any Mac/Win application and pretty much anything on your network. You can also use the built-in IR and RF transmitters. See the FAQ...

Actually quite simple

MammutBox is a tiny but competent mini-computer, using only 3 W of power. It configures itself based on your equipment and applications. You can use a web service to customize the controls. Neither a technician, nor a PhD is required. Try it now!

Hi-Fi meets Lo-Fi

Sophisticated, high-end, control from either an app on your iPhone/iPad or any Bang & Olufsen remote. Both aimed at those who have a B&O system which they want to expand as well as those without a B&O system. Control low-cost equipment with a high-end feel. Read more...